The Center for Sustainability and Green Technologies
Smith's Mill Education Center

Lifelong Learning is a key cornerstone in Luck Development Partner’s Ni Village.

A sustainable development, Ni Village will evolve around a shared educational center integrating multiple institutions focused on resource conservation, green technology development and sustainable living.

The Center for Sustainability and Green Technologies will be a major attraction for talent, a broad range of local and regional participants and various resources. The Center is designed to accommodate an integrated university and community college campus and conference facility focused on green curriculum.

Designed for Learning

Located on the West side of Ni Village, the Center is designed as a new version of a classic mill yard with brick, stone and masonry architecture and plaza spaces-interconnected buildings designed as a precinct within the Ni Village. Buildings will be required to incorporate a high level of energy and environmental standards. A central commons provides a social and academic heart for the Center.

The Center for Sustainability and Green Technologies and Ni Village in its entirety will be a place of innovative research and higher education, where school policies and programs are created and visions for lifelong learning are shaped and accomplished.


  • What is the timing for this project? Has a constructor been identified? If not how will the work be executed–through the developer? Through the commonwealth? How?
    Is there someone I could call with my questions?

    By Michelle Honey :: June 16, 2011

  • Ms. Honey,

    We are going in front of the Planning Commission on August 3 at 7:30 and September 13th for the Board of Supervisors hearing; both these are needed to obtain the rezoning for the Development. We have our pattern books, plans for the development but until we approve this rezoning we have gone no further as to retain a contractors or construction partners for the development. This development is a private owner. You may email anytime you like our go to our “contact us” page on the Ni site or the site and someone will get back to you promptly.

    Thank you for your inquiry we look forward to posting more developments on the property; stay tuned!

    Joell Driver
    Asset Property Manager

    By JoellD :: July 22, 2011

  • Thank you Mr. Paul, since we have not started the development but are in the partnering stages we are not at a point yet to conduct the classes; however, I will save your email and share your with them. I thank you for leaving a message and look forward to taking a look at your site myself. Keep in touch.

    Joell Driver

    By JoellD :: February 8, 2012

  • Interested in knowing about who I might talk to about the retail shops and residential living accomodations. Have a concept in mind to support the educational center and surrounding community with healthy eatery,supportive learning and communications center, but would like to live in the same building that I run my shop in. Will there be retail near the education center?

    By Don :: August 11, 2012

  • Don: Sorry for the delay in our response. Yes, there will be retail near the education center. We would love to hear more about your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to share them here, call us at 804-784-6339, or email [email protected].

    Regards, Paula Long

    By Paula Long :: September 14, 2012

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