Our Vision

For the past four years, Luck Development Partners, has been guided by members of the Spotsylvania community, our partnersÂ’ and Luck Companies’ 90 year commitment, to achieve environmental excellence. With this as a guiding focus and with the integration of history, culture, and landscape, we have created a visionary town and innovative community in Spotsylvania: Ni Village.

An interconnected community, Ni Village is designed to provide an unparalleled quality of life, offer a sustainable center for commerce, enhance environmental stewardship and deliver a life-long learning experience for the people who live, recreate and work there.

Located adjacent to a working quarry in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, Ni Village is a place of innovative research and higher education, where local school policies and programs are created and where local entrepreneurs operate their business and provide services. Over the course of time, Ni Village will serve as a point of connection to the surrounding community and quarry sites.

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Disclaimer: The material contained herein is conceptual in nature and may be revised from time to time as required for engineering purposes, as required by any governmental entity and as otherwise requested and specifically permitted at the time of final site plan or subdivision approval.