Green Infrastructure
Rendering of the green infrastructure proposal

Artists rendering of Ni Village's green infrastructure

Above is an image that conceptually describes the form of the green infrastructure designed and intergrated into the community. Pedestrian ways, watercourses and drainage ways are aligned allowing the walker to trace the path of water flow from the top of the watershed in the community to the tributaries of the Ni River.

Along this route are stormwater mitigation and conservation measures such as green roofs, gutters and rain water cisterns at the upper end of the watershed in the village or campus. Rain gardens, falls, wetlands and retention ponds would be found at the lower end route toward the woodland edge. Lining the whole system are native plants and wildlife habitats in the form of wetlands, meadows and the structuring elements of canopy trees and hedges.

This progression of environmental conditions along pedestrian ways inspires closer understanding and appreciation of the watershed and nature. Educational signage at key points help illuminate this design.

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Disclaimer: The material contained herein is conceptual in nature and may be revised from time to time as required for engineering purposes, as required by any governmental entity and as otherwise requested and specifically permitted at the time of final site plan or subdivision approval.